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Edgemont Dentist Dental Clinic is your destination for Your dental needs.

Dr. Farshchi is a general dentist and cosmetic dentist near Edgemont Village. Among the treatments that Dr. Farshchi offers are dental fillings, bonding, dental crowns, dental bridges, implant crowns, and dental veneers. A free consultation with Dr. Farshchi is surely your best bet if you are contemplating a smile makeover. The knowledge you will gain from the free consultation will be invaluable to you wherever you decide to go. In addition, Edgemont Dentist Dental Clinic is conveniently located near Edgemont Village in North Vancouver under the ownership of Dr. Farshchi.


Generally speaking, at Edgemont Dentist Dental Clinic, we offer a private environment for our patients, making it a unique Dental clinic. Important to realize, Dr. Farshchi offers a comprehensive range of dental services to help you with your dental needs.

As a general rule, Dr. Farshchi sees three to four patients per day and allows a 30 to 40-minute gap between appointments in consideration of the COVID 19 spread of the virus. Furthermore, the clinic is designed with natural airflow into the operatory all the time during the day with ample natural light. In addition, we use the most up-to-date technology in our clinic and we have a digital x-ray that is very low in radiation. 

Edgemont Dentist Location and Parking

One block away from Edgemont Village is Edgemont Dentist, a unique dental clinic located at Edgemont Blvd in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Gladly, Edgemont Dentist Dental Clinic has ample free parking around the building, and we promise to provide you with the best, most relaxing experience possible. 

Dr. Mahsa Farshchi’s Biography

Dr. Mahsa Farshchi graduated from the University of British Columbia dental program in 2007 after completing her undergraduate studies in Cell Biology and Genetics in 2003. 

In addition, Dr. Farshchi has attended numerous continuing education courses since graduating from the UBC dental school. and has been participating in many different study groups throughout the past 15 years in order to enhance her knowledge and skills and stay in touch with the latest dental advancements.


The experience you can expect from Dr. Farshchi at Edgemont Dentist

Dr. Farshchi is very passionate about what she does and is very caring. During the examination, Dr. Farshchi will take many photos of your teeth and mouth in addition to the necessary x-rays and she will spend plenty of time explaining and discussing your dental problems and answering your questions.  

In the same fashion, Dr. Farshchi will review with you all the treatment options that are available to address the dental problem or concern you are experiencing. 

In the same way, at Edgemont Dentist Dental Clinic every procedure is performed after receiving the patient’s informed consent. Dr. Farshchi will help you to prioritize your dental treatment based on your needs and wants having your financial comfort in mind. 


That being said, It really is her passion to take care of her patients and she won’t compromise your wellbeing. As a result, Dr. Farshchi strives to provide you with the best treatment and care she can. So if you are looking for a family dentist, general dentist, or cosmetic near Edgemont Village, we are here for you. Book you appointment today.

Dr Mahsa Farshchi Edgemont dentist in North Vancouver dental clinic
Dr. Mahsa Farshchi

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“My goal is commitment to quality care for every client I see. I feel honored and privileged to be part of your oral health care team, experience and skills with you. I look forward to share my experience and skills with you.”


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